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Best Dance Poles For Home

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning your pole but can’t stomach the price tag, this post is here to save the day with reviews of the best homemade alternatives!

All of these poles are easy to use for someone who is not very coordinated, and they will last for years (provided you take care of them)! Read on to find out more about what features make each one stand out and the Pros and Cons of each pole.

Top 7: Dance Poles For Home

#1. MOPHOTO Portable Removable Home Dancing Pole for Home Fitness

MOPHOTO Portable Removable Home Dancing Pole for Home Fitness

The MOphoto portable pole is very sturdy and made to last. It can be used in homes and studios alike. This pole features a non-slip grip and a comfortable foam handle, allowing you to hold onto it easily (or even do tricks with an additional grip!). The unit is adjustable, so this pole will work for you no matter your height or how tall your ceiling is.

It can also be set up in just 3 minutes. The total length of the pole is 7 feet, and it weighs just over 5 pounds. The post itself is 25 mm thick, and the ball that holds the rubber pads weighs 1 pound (the collar itself is plastic).


  • The pole is very flexible in terms of use and can be used just about anywhere. This feature also makes it extremely convenient to store away when not in use – you can collapse it and put it out of the way in under a minute.
  • The pole is thick enough to withstand extreme cold (to around -40 degrees) and hot temperatures (-45 degrees). The rubber handle padding allows for a tight grip, making performing tricks easier. This pole has been tested up to 300 pounds of weight, so even larger users will enjoy using this product.
  • It is also compact, a perfect pole for gym use and home. You won’t have to worry about a large pole taking up the room in your house or studio, but you will be able to regulate the height of your routine while still keeping an eye out for what goes on around you.
  • The pole comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The company that manufactures this product is not very reliable, and their customer service is also poor – even though this doesn’t affect the performance of their product, it does affect the reputation of their brand.
  • The package is a bit of a deal-breaker for people (though there are no complaints about the actual pole, only about the company). It comes with many extra pieces and parts but not many directions on putting them together.

#2. BEAT ACROBATICS Pole Dancing Pole for Home and Commercial Use

BEAT ACROBATICS Pole Dancing Pole for Home and Commercial Use

The Beat Acrobatics Pole is 5 feet, 7 inches tall, and features a sturdy metal base (the pole itself is made of wood). The base has wheels, and all you need to do is roll it into position.

As this pole is collapsible, it can be stored away easily. The ball at the top has a rubber pad covered with leather; the pole itself offers you a comfortable grip. The height can be adjusted by putting different length poles together – for example; you can use one long pole or shorter sections of poles to form various heights.


  • The pole is heavy but still allows you to perform all kinds of challenging moves. This attribute also makes it perfect for home use – many people who exercise at home have a hard time balancing on their own.
  • The pole is made to withstand extreme temperatures -40 degrees Fahrenheit and up to -45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This is the only collapsible product on the list that comes with a 1-year warranty (some others offer 1 or 2 years). If anything should happen during this period, Beat Acrobatics will replace your pole free of charge.
  • It weighs less than 13 lbs, so it won’t strain your back when performing routine after routine.
  • The pole comes with a foam grip to give you a tight hold on the pole.
  • When collapsed, the pole measures 22” x 14” x 14”, making it easy to store away.
  • The poles are made of natural timber, so the product is eco-friendly.


  • The rubber top might be a bit difficult to get used to, especially if you are new to working with poles. It will make it easier for you to do tricks later on, though.
  • The handle might be too small for people with larger hands or have problems holding onto things.
  • The product comes with many parts and pieces you will have to assemble, which can be tiresome. You will only need to do this once, though, so you won’t have to put it away in a corner afterward.
  • The pole is not super sturdy and might break if you are doing high moves or certain tricks (this is still a perfectly fine pole for most people, though).

#3. WeValor Spinning Dance Pole Kit

WeValor Spinning Dance Pole Kit

The WeValor pole comes with everything you need to start spinning independently. It has a strong, sturdy base that withstands years of heavy use. The pole itself is adjustable and can be put together in 10 minutes or less, allowing you to get started right away.

The unit weighs under 9 pounds and is composed of plastic as well as fiberglass – this assures you that this pole will last for years even if you do a lot of work with it (and the price matches this quality: the pole itself costs just under $100). Additionally, all parts are easy-to-assemble, which provides an additional convenience when trying new techniques and changing up what kind of workout routine one might want to try out at home!


  • The pole is extremely sturdy and won’t crack when doing too high moves. The handle is made of foam, and the metal base has rubber to provide you with a grippy surface.
  • The unit is lightweight, making it easy to carry around – without shoving your head through a ceiling or hurting your spine by lifting too much.
  • It comes with everything you will need to start exercising with it – on top of the pole itself, you get a padded grip, as well as handles for both hands.
  • With the included instructions, it should be easier for you to put together this pole yourself than other products on this list.
  • The pole comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • This pole is also lightweight and can be stored away easily when not used.


  • Some users reported that the metal base is a bit hard, so it will take some getting used to.
  • Even though the pole is collapsible, you still have to be careful when doing tricks – if you get it too high, the metal base might not be strong enough to withstand all your weight (so don’t do hand juggling, for example).
  • Some people report that this is a bit too small for them, especially if they have larger hands or have issues holding onto things.

#4. OFCOSO Professional Dancing Pole

OFCOSO Professional Dancing Pole

The Professional dancing pole comes with a heavy, sturdy base. It has a rubber top, so the pole resists slipping, and the handle is cushioned for comfort. This pole is 7½ feet tall, which will allow you to do flips and other fun tricks easily if you are an experienced dancer.

The pole is made of quality plastic and can withstand years of high use – it can be stored away easily because it is collapsible (it only weighs 22 lbs). The professional dance poles are designed specifically for dancers who need their set up or have multiple students in training at one time. They also come in many different sizes to accommodate any level, from beginners to advanced.


  • The pole is sturdy enough to withstand even the most advanced moves.
  • The unit is lightweight and easy to put together yourself.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty – if anything happens, you need to send it back, and they will replace it free of charge.
  • The product is easily stored away when not in use as it collapses down easily.
  • The pole is a bit more stable than other poles on this list, so you can lean back on it without fear of breaking it (this doesn’t mean you should lean back on it, though).
  • The base contains air cushions that add stability to the pole, so you can be sure that this pole won’t collapse mid-flip.
  • The pole is eco-friendly and composed of natural materials.


  • Some users report that the pole is not as sturdy as they would like it to be – some feel that this could make it dangerous if used by inexperienced beginners.
  • When closed, the unit measures 43.5 x 23 x 9 in, which should be more than enough for most users.

#5. PRIOR FITNESS Removable Dance Pole

PRIOR FITNESS Removable Dance Pole

This is a must-have for beginner pole dancers. The pole has easy-to-use adjustable height options. The base is designed solidly with soft castors and a rubberized top for stability and safety. This lightweight pole adds an element of fun to your workout!

The PRIOR FITNESS Removable Dance Pole is suitable for beginners and advanced users. A heavy-duty, solid plastic base supports the 1″ diameter aluminum sturdy metal tubing to provide solid support while spinning the pole or performing dance moves after mounting it on its high-quality, fully adjustable stand. The long vinyl coated cable is flexible and easily adjustable, while the sturdy finger grips provide secure control.

The PRIOR FITNESS Removable Dance Pole works great with any floor surface. You can mount it on smooth flat floors or poles and perform moves with the pole standing straight up, angled, or even folding it in half when not in use. The pole folds flat when not used to save space and is easy to transport. You can easily set up your pole base even if you are short on space by folding the pole in half for a compact storage option.

Finally, this durable and lightweight product comes in attractive silver color for a finished look. Don’t let its small size fool you, though – this is a heavyweight.


  • This pole is easy to store away when not in use. It folds flat, so you can easily fit it into any space – this makes it perfect for storage in the office, bedroom, or even your luggage.
  • The base of the product contains air cushions that add stability to your pole so it won’t collapse while used in a gym. This pole also has an extra top section of plastic on top so the pole won’t slip when spinning – this comes at a cost, though, and some users aren’t thrilled with this feature (I do find that it makes a difference).
  • This product is eco-friendly and composed of natural materials, which makes it a great choice for those who are environmentally conscious.
  • It’s also very easy to assemble, so you can be confident that your pole will work well just based on instructions.


  • Some users have reported that it’s hard to hold up the pole when doing certain moves such as the splits because the base is too short. You might want to look at choices if this applies to you. The speed and stability of your pole can make a big difference in your fitness experience.
  • Some users report that the pole wobbles a lot during use, so you might want to look at other options if this is something that worries you. The manufacturer recommends using their product 6 to 12 times a week, which isn’t much more than some of the other options at this price point.
  • There are also some reports of traders shipping out substandard products to customers – these issues could be caused by user error or production errors, so check out the reviews of others before buying this product. The manufacturer is aware of these issues and has confirmed that all products shipped have been tested and inspected for quality assurance before shipment.

#6. RAYON Spinning and Static Dancing Pole

RAYON Spinning and Static Dancing Pole

The RAYON pole comes in 4 different sizes, so you can choose how tall you want your pole to be. It is made of high-quality material, making it smooth and sturdy. The base is also made of high-quality material and contains air cushions which give the pole more stability. The unit is collapsible, so you can take it with you whenever traveling or storing it away between uses. This makes the Raylon a perfect choice for those with limited space at home or on their travels.


  • This product comes in four different sizes – 5,6,7½ and 10 feet – so there’s an option for everyone. It collapses easily when not in use, too, making storing it away a breeze (the shortest unit measures just 29 x 13 x 13 inches).
  • It comes with a foam grip and a cushioned handle to make your exercise experience more comfortable.
  • It’s also lightweight, making it easy to move around with – you won’t have to strain your neck trying to hold it up.
  • The pole is very sturdy – you can be sure that it won’t break if you do a lot of high moves (the manufacturer recommends using it at least 6 times a week).


  • Some users report that the poles are not as stable as they like, although the product has air cushions on the base.
  • Even though this pole is cheap, it might not be made of the best materials.
  • The product is easy to assemble, but some people have reported issues with the base (it could break easily while spinning).
  • It isn’t long enough for those with taller heights – at 6 feet, it’s the shortest option on our list.
  • A few users have reported receiving substandard products despite following the instructions and contacting the manufacturer. Many reviewers state that they received broken poles or poles that were too small for their needs.

#7. Pro-Fit 50mm Professional Portable Dance Pole

Pro-Fit 50mm Professional Portable Dance Pole

The Pro-Fit dance pole is one of the best on the market regarding stability. Its base contains air cushions that give the pole more stability, making this the perfect choice if you want a pole that can still stand vertically after high spins. This product is also collapsible for easy storage and portability – it can easily be stored away in a closet or even your suitcase without much effort.


  • It’s very stable and strong – it won’t collapse or wobble even after spinning vigorously around it.
  • The product comes in various sizes, so you can choose how big or small you want your pole to be.
  • This product is made from high-quality foam and will make you sweat – excellent for both health and fitness.
  • The pole is lightweight and easy to carry around because of its collapsible design. It measures 14 x 14 x 1 inch when kept in normal shape, making it perfect for storage in a closet or even your luggage.


  • Some users have reported that this product is too big for them, so you might want to check out the other options if this applies to you. The manufacturer states that their pole can fit anyone between 5’ 0″ – 6’4″ (1.5m – 1.9m), so it’s something you can be sure about.


In conclusion, it’s clear that all of these dancing pole kits work well for spinning and exercising and that each one has different features and specifications. For example, the WeValor pole is smaller than the others, but it’s also more stable and easily stored away because it collapses down small (it even has wheels). If you want a taller pole, though, or would rather something bigger to grip onto, you might want to go with an option like the RAYON pole – these are also sturdier and will last longer too. This is why I recommend looking into your personal needs before deciding which option to go with.

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