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Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

When it comes to ballroom dance shoes, there are a lot of factors that must be considered before going through with a purchase. If you lack experience with ballroom dancing, then you might be better off going for a cheaper alternative product compared to someone with experience.

Either way, buying some good gear should be considered an investment that will provide you with proper support while lasting you for a few years. If you approach your options with that mindset, you will be well on your way to finding the perfect dance shoes.

That being the case, we do realize that knowing what products are good and which products are a waste of money can be difficult. With this in mind, we have carefully created a list that features and reviews the five best ballroom dance shoes to save you some time with the search.

Top 5: Ballroom Dance Shoes

#1. Capezio’s 550 Junior Footlight

Capezio's 550 Junior Footlight

It’s hard to go wrong with Capezio, a reliable brand that has been creating quality products since 1887, so many will find that the Capezio 550 Junior FootLight is the ideal product that offers more than enough functionality for its price range.

Capezio’s Footlight combines supreme comfort with an innate elegance that is easy to see even at a glance. It comes with a built-in arch cookie that is designed to alleviate the pain associated with common foot conditions such as weak arches.

The sturdy heel goes through testing to ensure its high quality and performance, a feature that experienced ballroom dancers will undoubtedly appreciate. Not to mention that it is compatible with taps, which tap dancers will find a simple and easy process to attach to the soles.

Regarding color choice, the FootLight comes in two beautiful selections: Black and Caramel. What it lacks in variation, it more than makes up for in the aesthetics department, since it’s hard not to match with these two natural colors. They also come in children’s sizes starting from ½ size and up.

When talking about all-rounded dance shoes, the Capezio Footlight is certainly a top contender for the best product to get your hands on, and there is no doubt that it’s a good choice even for beginners.


  • Features an Achilles notch designed for comfort during long periods of use.
  • Comes with a moisture-absorbent microfiber lining that keeps things fresh.
  • Made with soft PU leather upper, 100% synthetic leather.


  • Sizing can vary slightly as this pair tends to run a little narrow.

#2. iCKER’s GetMine Dance Shoes

iCKER's GetMine Dance Shoes

Next on our list, we have iCKER’s GetMine dance shoes, a fantastic pair that will compliment just about any dancer’s attire and style. This pair offers buyers flexibility along with a unique stylish look that proves to be eye-catching even on stage.

Like other entries on this list, the GetMine are made from fake leather and high-quality sequin, which makes them both comfortable to wear and durable even after extended use. In addition, the non-slip wool bottom sole will ensure that your balance remains impeccable during your performance.

This pair also sports insoles that have been tested to withstand all types of stress during frequent use while retaining their shape. Coupled with this is a 2-inch heel that helps accentuate the charms of dancers and adds a small enhancement to your overall dance routine.

Adding to the comfort of the GetMine pair is a thicker inner cushion that is both soft and easy to breathe in, not to mention a snug-fitting lace that is secured with a titanium alloy buckle, which features a glossy finish that is made to last against oxidation.

Ultimately, the iCKER GetMine Dance Shoes are a safe choice to land on if you are looking to buy a product that is both reliable and stylish.


  • Features refracting light effects via ceramic film glitter that will give your dance extra sparkle.
  • Heel material is imitation sheepskin which is both scratch-resistant and smooth.
  • Comes in three solid colors, Black, Silver, and Gold.


  • The sizing is known to run narrow compared to standard sizing and the product should be bought accordingly.

#3. Bloch’s Split Flex Leather Character Shoes

Bloch's Split Flex Leather Character Shoes

If you are looking to spend a little more than necessary and want to make sure that you are putting that money into a product that is well worth its price tag, then Splitflex is what you are looking for. Bloch’s Splitflex is a T-bar strap leather character shoe that is well suited for any type of ballroom event.

With the higher cost of the Spliflex comes some bonuses, such as 100% imported leather and handmade details. Since 1932, Bloch has been creating handmade footwear for dancers across the world, and that experience has resulted in some truly spectacular selections.

The Splitflex comes with an elasticized panel underfoot that allows for flexible and dexterous movement, which can be used to dance en pointe. This is further enhanced by a t-bar strap that is attached with elastic material to ensure that your foot is not restricted in any way.

The Splitflex comes in an elegant but simple design that shows beauty in its two offered color choices, Black and Tan leather. Throw in a 2.5-inch heel and you are left with arguably one of the most practical and striking ballroom dance shoes.


  • Sports an External shank stabilizer that does not compromise any mobility.
  • Its suede forefoot outsole helps keep things running smoothly while providing some grip.
  • Soft genuine leather helps prevent any discomfort under frequent use.


  • Some materials are prone to scratches and small wrinkles.

#4. YYTing’s Ballroom Dance Shoes YT02

YYTing's Ballroom Dance Shoes YT02

YYTing’s YT02 dance shoes are a perfect example of a combination between comfort and functionality. It can be hard to go wrong with this pair since they provide great value for their price, and its design is considerably more complex compared to some other selections on this list.

The materials used for this item are high-quality satin that is both breathable and fully able to absorb moisture, and its suede insole is slightly padded to soothe pain from prolonged use. Its outsole is also suede, and finally, the midsole is elastic latex, which all comes together to create footwear that is a delight to use.

Moving to the design, we see the buckle and lace replaced with an elastic band in the shape of outstretched elegant lines, which also offer open-toes for extra airflow. This pair also sports one of the biggest heels on this list, which comes in at a 2.5-inch stature, perfect for adding charm to any dance set.

Overall, the YT02 gives off a feeling of luxury, mainly due to its elastic band pattern, and the three colors it offers, Black, Tan, and Nude are perfect to match with most outfits and dance attire.


  • Extremely lightweight which adds to the ease of use.
  • Elastic band replacement removes the hassle of using a buckle with lace.
  • The suede insole provides grip on feet to prevent slipping out the open-toes.


  • Due to the suede insoles, they are optimized for indoor use.

#5. Capezio Women’s SD02 Rosa

Capezio Women's SD02 Rosa

Lastly, we have another Capezio entry to the list, the SD02 Rosa, a pair of heels that any dancer would be more than happy to make use of.

The SD02 Rosa is both glittering and flexible, making it a good choice for those that have a small flair for the dramatic. It features a 2.5-inch heel that is paired with soft leather soles and cushioned insoles for extra comfort.

The open-toe and open-side designs also provide plenty of airflow to prevent the buildup of moisture. Then we have to mention the flexible upper features that alleviate some of the pressure that tends to be created on the Achilles tendon.

All in all, the SD02 is yet another success created by Capezio and a pair that can fit almost any need for both beginners and experts.


  • Comes with a 1/2 shank for extra support and flexibility.
  • Can be purchased in two colors, Camel Satin or Black.
  • Features a speed-buckle closure for fast wardrobe changes.


  • Sizing tends to vary and standard sizes might fit slightly too small.

Buying Guide

Ballroom dance shoes are a vital part of dancing since they provide protection against injury that could have been caused by inappropriate footwear, and this purchase should be considered an investment. That being said, what should you look for when making this purchase?

First, you need to get the fit right. The pair you buy must fit snugly on your feet, and you may even have to buy a size smaller than what you are accustomed to in order to make sure that there is no wiggle room. However, the size must also not be overtly tight to the point of causing pain.

Next, you will have to decide on the color of the product you buy. This might seem to be a non-issue, but the color of your shoes can create a jarring visual if not coordinated correctly, and some dancers even choose a nude color to elongate the look of their legs.

Then you will need to choose a pair of dance shoes that will give you the most flexibility for precise movements. Look for products that have a flared heel for extra stability, and make sure that the heel size you select is one that you are comfortable making quick turns in while keeping your balance.

Finally, you should create a budget that fits your needs. Some of the items in this list can become quite costly depending on the brand and features, and due to this wide range of prices, you should create a budget beforehand to make sure that you can narrow down your possible choices

Top Pick

While we are more than sure that any one of the ballroom dance shoes mentioned in our list would be a good pick for a dancer, we have to give our top pick to Capezio’s 550 Junior Footlight.

Subjectively, we can say that you get the most value out of your money with the 550 Junior Footlight, and its simplistic design is inoffensive enough to go perfectly well with any situation a dancer might find themselves in.

The comfort afforded by the Footlight is unparalleled at this price range, and the Achilles notch is also designed to not cause any discomfort during the quick and sharp moves that dancing requires. In addition, the use of brushed microfibers prevents sweat moisture from building up during long dances.

The Footlight offers comfort, durability, flexibility, and style, so with those points checked and for its price, we can safely say that the Footlight is your best bet at getting your dream ballroom dance shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is better suede soles or leather soles?

This largely depends on what type of dancing you will be mainly doing. For instance, ballroom and Latin American dancing use suede soles almost exclusively, while Argentine Tango sees the use of both faux and genuine leather as the norm. Each sole material offers unique advantages, so neither could be said to be better.

How do I clean satin ballroom shoes?

Cleaning ballroom shoes is divided into two separate parts, the uppers, and the soles.

To clean the uppers, you need to use a sponge, dipped in warm water and hand liquid soap, to gently wash and scrub the upper material until clean. After this, they should be left out overnight to dry out on their own.

To get started on the soles, you will need to use a metal brush to scrub out the soles and remove any dirt or dust that might have accumulated. Brush from the back to the front.

My shoes are slightly tight, will my feet be okay?

Dance shoes must fit snug on your feet, and if you can find a pair that fits just slightly tight, then you are in luck since you will find that most dance shoes will stretch a little with use. In particular, suede stretches out the most, and lacquered leather does not stretch out at all, so keep the material used in mind when considering this.

Can I use regular shoes to dance?

The short answer to this is no, but the real answer is yes. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you will be just fine without a proper pair of dance shoes. Wearing regular shoes to dance is like wearing skinny jeans at the gym. You will not have a good time.

What shoe size should I order?

Though some shoes will tend to vary in size compared to standard sizes, you should always buy your size unless otherwise stated in the product description.

Final Verdict

We are happy to say that Capezio’s 550 Junior Footlight will be an amazing choice of footwear for any dancer looking to upgrade their gear, or even as a beginner’s first pair. Capezio is a well-known brand that can guarantee the quality of its products, so don’t hesitate to give them a look yourself!

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