Kevin Fowler's video for the single "Love Song" from his new album
"How Country Are Ya" was recorded at Mercer Street Dancehall.
Take a look at the video.
Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars
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Brennan Leigh and Noel McKay
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Mercer Street The Coolest New Dancehall in Texas

By Chris Harkness

Independence Day weekend was the first weekend with A/C at Mercer Street. On Friday July 5th Nick Gatwood and the Grinders played the first set in Air Conditioned Comfort to a very happy crowd. The Fort Worth based Tejas Brothers followed with a great set enhanced by the new A/C system keeping both band members and dancers cool and comfortable. Tracie Lynn played on Saturday.


Mercer Street Dancehall pays Homage to the older established halls like Gruene Hall and Albert Hall established around 100 years ago before the advent of Air Conditioning. Mercer Street has the rustic look and feel of the older dance halls with the modern convenience of A/C.

The proud owners of the coolest dance hall in Texas, Nicholas and his wife Gay, could not have been happier with the debut of the new A/C and the positive feedback from a very supportive and enthusiastic crowd of dancers and music lovers. According to Nicholas Dotin “The dancehall was full of new faces and many regulars excited about the new air conditioning”… Nicholas also added “The entire staff at Mercer Street would like to thank all the folks that braved the brutal Texas heat and supported us before we had A/C”…


The addition of A/C coupled with the traditional look and feel of Mercer Street Dance Hall is sure to please dancers and music lovers from around the world for many years to come…
A/C install WILL be complete by July 5 at Mercer Street Dancehall
by Chris Harkness

The A/C units have been installed with the doors and windows being finished as this update is being written. The official word is that all A/C installation is complete leaving only the electric company to install a new transformer in the early morning hours of Friday July 5. Nicholas Dotin expressed confidence that the transformer will be installed on Friday Morning. The job should take no more than an hour or so to complete.


The installation of twenty five tons of A/C is no small undertaking. The contractors and their crews did a stellar job of installing the system before the Independence Day Weekend enabling music fans and dancers to enjoy the festivities in air-conditioned comfort.


Nicholas, his wife Gay and their daughter Shelby along with the entire Mercer Street staff are looking forward to enjoying the weekend festivities in an air-conditioned Dancehall. The bands for this weekend include, the Tejas Brothers w/ Nick Gatwood and the Grinders on Friday and the incomparable Tracie Lynn on Saturday.


Make Mercer Street Dancehall in Dripping Springs Texas your destination for Independence Day Weekend 2013. Join your friends for a weekend of music and fun. You can also grab a partner and take a spin on the coolest new dance floor in Texas. For those of you wanting to learn, dance lessons start at 7:30 pm on both Friday and Saturday.

Air Conditioning to be Installed at Mercer Street Dancehall
by Chris Harkness
Nicholas and Gay Dotin of Mercer Street Dancehall are happy to announce that AC installation will begin Monday June 24th, 2013. The insulation crew comes in on Monday followed by the AC installation crew. New doors and windows will be installed to keep that precious chilled air from escaping. Expect a formal notification as soon as installation is complete...

Nicholas Dotin said that several new fans have been purchased to create a pleasant breeze keeping everyone comfortable untill the AC is installed. The dancehall will be open during the AC installation so visit Mercer Street to enjoy some of the coldest beverages in town while dancing comfortably on a dance floor with several fans to keep the air moving and the dancers comfortable...

Nicholas, Gay and Shelby Dotin along with the entire Mercer Street Staff would like to thank the community of Dripping Springs and all the dancers, music fans and musicians for supporting the Mercer Street Dancehall...

 Nicholas and Gay Dotin invite you to "come on out and have some fun with friends or make new friends at Mercer Street Dancehall"...

Grand Opening Weekend at Mercer Street Dance Hall Was a Tremendous Success

by Chris Harkness

Cornell Hurd kicked off the Grand Opening Weekend festivities with his band playing their unique style of “Hill Country Swing” on Friday night. The dance floor was packed with enthusiastic couples scootin’ boots over a very nicely surfaced floor. Cornell Hurd is an Iconic Texas musician known the world over for his Texas sense of humor combined with a stellar stage performance. Cornell has one of the finest bands the lone star state has to offer. Nothing tops a group of Hill Country Pickers…

On Saturday night The Derailers took to the stage with their trademark style of Texas country music. Folks filled the dance floor as the Derailers gave a stylistic nod to the legacies of Buck Owens, George Jones, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Charlie Rich and the Beatles. The Derailers are a group of musicians that seem to have as much fun on stage today as when they started their journey in 1994. The Derailers graced the Mercer Street Dance Hall Stage with a high energy performance that will be remembered for years to come.

Mercer Street Dance Hall owner Nicholas Dotin joined The Derailers on stage to sing the Johnny Cash tune “Ring of Fire”. Cornell Hurd was in the house on Saturday and toward the end of the set Derailer Brian Hofeldt called Cornell up to sit in.

All in All the Grand Opening weekend celebration at The Mercer Street Dance Hall was a tremendous success and will surely be a fond memory in the minds of all fortunate enough to partake in the festivities…

Opening weekend at Mercer Street Dancehall 

was a Tremendous Success

by Chris Harkness

Nicholas Dotin his wife Gay and their daughter Shelby could not be happier with the very successful opening of Mercer Street Dance Hall. The crowd started to gather early and the Dancehall was at capacity by around 8:30pm both Friday and Saturday nights. People waited patiently in line for their chance to experience the newest Texas Hill Country dancehall.

The incomparable Tracie Lynn kept the dance floor full on Friday night while the crowd was surprised by a special guest appearance from Kevin Fowler.  Saturday night found The Hired Guns, fronted by legendary Texas Guitarist Lonnie Atkinson, leading the festivities with a special appearance by Oklahoma based Singer Songwriter Dustin Prinz playing a very well received version of Folsom Prison Blues.

The Mercer Street Dance Hall is a welcome new addition to an exciting Mercer Street development project initiated and promoted by the city government to attract new business and tourism to the beautiful city of Dripping Springs, Texas. With a spacious dance floor, beautiful décor and awesome sound and lights The Mercer Street Dancehall is sure to be a popular destination with both dancers and concert goers alike for years to come.

Opening Weekend Photographs
The legendary Texas musician Kevin Fowler stopped by Mercer Street Dancehall on opening weekend to show support for his long time friend Nicholas Dotin... Kevin seemed to have a great time and stayed most of the night... Kevin even performed of few of his songs with Tracie Lynn's band backin' him up... Kevin Fowler is a great guy and a very talented musician...

Dance hall brings live music to Dripping Springs

By Gary Dinges

Dripping Springs residents soon won’t have to hit the highway for a night of two-stepping.

Carved out of an aging barn, Mercer Street Dance Hall is set to make its debut Friday, with owner Nicholas Dotin planning to host a variety of musical acts.

A bass player for more than three decades, Dotin says he’d grown tired of having to drive to out-of-town dance halls in places such as Blanco and Coupland to both perform and catch shows. With a little convincing from his daughter Shelby, he set out to build his own concert venue. (read full article here)